Hi Everyone,

Long time no posts! I have been very busy with gardens, holiday’s away, chickens, ducks, chicks, new job and now Puppies!

Please check out our beautiful Bull Terrier puppies born on the 1st June – 1 week today. They are all doing beautifully and have all gained weight and doubled their birth weight yesterday – aim is today.

Daisy has been the best Mum we could ask for. Initially she was quite unsettled and didn’t know what to do with the pups, but it only took her a couple hours and she felt right at home. She spends all day in her whelping box, she occassionally pops outside to say hello to her other brothers and sisiters and then soon returns. She frets if one moves away too far and makes sure they are always close.

Such a magical experience and LOVE our dogs!

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