First Entry

Hey everyone, welcome to my Blog. I haven’t ever done anything like this before, so please bear with me. My name is Belle and I’m a Mum, a Wife and an RN when I can work. Please checkout my About page for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and see what I’m up to. I have a few hobbies which I have researched and know a few things about, I will be mainly talking about these here. Additionally, I have three active kids aged 6, 7 and nearly 10. I will also be reflecting on their upbringing and my parenting style; everyone is different and we all do our best. I may have a few tips though as I’ve been at it for nearly 10 years and they’re all still alive and think I’m an ok Mum (I think).

Thanks again, and if you feel like it, check back in a couple months to see what I’ve been up to….

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