Puppies Due Next Week!!!

We have been SOOOOO busy lately. We have found with working, three kids and my husband needing to work away from home, that we haven’t even found the time to scratch ourselves. But that’s most families isn’t it? You want to give your kids the best upbringing and therefore sacrifice all of your time for them. They’ll only appreciate it when they’re older 😦

Anyway, our beautiful Ruby is pregnant, YAY!! Fingers crossed, all goes to plan. She is due April 3rd/4th (I’m at work both does-so my hubby is the very competent midwife if she decides to birth while I’m away). Please enquire via email: belleboniface@gmail.com or ring 0400 831 911.

As our dogs are in and out of the home with us, we have no males on the premises, we spend lots of money and time to make sure we pick suitable mates however. This time we’ve done extremely well, our dog of choice won a US Bull Terrier show, so is now a US and UK Champion. His call sign is ‘Haribo’ and otherwise known as Clansmann Super Flye Guy, this is the link to their Facebook site where you can see him (https://www.facebook.com/clansmannbullterrier) and I will include a photo of him below, along with one of the very expectant and beautiful mumma, Ruby.

Puppy update

Puppies are just 4 weeks now and what a busy 4 weeks it has been! We had them in our bedroom for the first 3 weeks to keep an eye on everything and have just moved them all in to the family room, much to our relief! They have started weaning now from Mum – Daisy. I’m using the Royal Canin Puppy Mousse which is great, I’ve also mixed in some fresh cooked chicken for them. All doing well, and hopefully on to biscuits in a couple weeks.


Hi Everyone,

Long time no posts! I have been very busy with gardens, holiday’s away, chickens, ducks, chicks, new job and now Puppies!

Please check out our beautiful Bull Terrier puppies born on the 1st June – 1 week today. They are all doing beautifully and have all gained weight and doubled their birth weight yesterday – aim is today.

Daisy has been the best Mum we could ask for. Initially she was quite unsettled and didn’t know what to do with the pups, but it only took her a couple hours and she felt right at home. She spends all day in her whelping box, she occassionally pops outside to say hello to her other brothers and sisiters and then soon returns. She frets if one moves away too far and makes sure they are always close.

Such a magical experience and LOVE our dogs!

Wet, wet, wet

We’ve had over 20mls of rain in the last day or so! More is still falling today. We were in drought where we live for the past 8 years, so it is a welcome relief to an extent….

I mean this in the way that over the last year, since the drought broke, our place has flooded three times. There seems to be too much rain. We also has two creeks which burst on either side of our way out, and subsequently we are ‘flooded in’. Everytime this happens, my husband seems to be away lol. Not yet today (my husband is away again!) and hopefully the creeks hold.

The ducks however are having a ball!!!

I have added a link below on the beautiful ducks I keep, Indian Runners and Buff orpington.

Thanks and speak again soon.

Belle xx

New Addition

Hey, I picked up my first drake today. I currently own two Buff Orpington ducks which I fell in love with at a local Poultry Auction a few weeks ago. I drove 2hrs to get him and I’m going to call him ‘Rupert’.

A bit of background….I originally had three Muscovie ducks but believe two of them flew away as they simply disappeared one day. My middle son who is quite sensitive was devestated. As a result, I attended a Poultry Auction for the first time and came up with quite a few new additions.

These included: Three Indian Runner ducks (as per my middle son), two Buff Orpington Ducks (as I thought they were beautiful!) a Silkie Chicken (as I thought they were very cool) and four Isa Brown x Plymouth Rock (as per my husband for eggs).

Anyway, back to Rupert. I’m hoping to start breeding Buff Orpington Ducks. I started researching them when I bought the original two and they are a rare breed here apparently. I thought I could obviously help with that and provide them with an awesome home. I’ll attach some information on them under the ducks page when I get around to creating it.

Anyway, I’ll post a photo of him and my other ladies below.

Have a great day!

First Entry

Hey everyone, welcome to my Blog. I haven’t ever done anything like this before, so please bear with me. My name is Belle and I’m a Mum, a Wife and an RN when I can work. Please checkout my About page for more information.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and see what I’m up to. I have a few hobbies which I have researched and know a few things about, I will be mainly talking about these here. Additionally, I have three active kids aged 6, 7 and nearly 10. I will also be reflecting on their upbringing and my parenting style; everyone is different and we all do our best. I may have a few tips though as I’ve been at it for nearly 10 years and they’re all still alive and think I’m an ok Mum (I think).

Thanks again, and if you feel like it, check back in a couple months to see what I’ve been up to….